Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sorrowful is the light my child and so soothing, the dark!*

What is the longest running show on planet earth?
Sholay? Ha! It ran for a mere 5 years and that too, only in 1 theatre.
DDLJ? 7 years. Good, but not good enough to beat the mega show of the century(ies)

“Sorrowful is the light my child but soothing is the dark!” Never heard of it? That maybe since it is not a film in the true sense of the word. But once I introduce the cast and crew, the bulb in your head is going to light up (assuming that you paid your bill of course!)

Director: KSEB (Kerala state electricity board)
Producer: Govt. of Kerala
Actors: You and family.
Viewers: Hmm… considering it is dark, there is nothing much to view.

Like any other soap serial it has its fanatical followers and extreme detractors. I was born agnostic and should have been in neither faction. But in this case, I am definitely an avid supporter.

Power cuts are the epitome of get-togetherness when the whole nuclear family gets around the candle/emergency lamp/solar lamp and gossip to our hearts content. In fact, the most celebrated and eminent psychologist of our time Dr. Menacherry Avarachen** once remarked that “The absence of meaningful communication in the nuclear family is the root cause of all social evil, leading to mass suicides and general depression among the masses. One of the best man made remedies to this alarming disease was devised by our dear KSEB in their power cuts!”

Allow me to prove this theory in a more scientific fashion, with the relative advantages and disadvantages of a power cut.

No T.VNo T.V!
A great communication enabler. Everybody gossips!
Reduces global warming
Helps to develop keener eyesight and hearing
Reduces stress as one needn’t watch the horribly terrible, tear-jerking mallu soap serial where everyone seems to be crying their bloody hearts out.Can have unforeseen side affects. Once, a tape containing some “funny” material got stuck in my V.C.R and God only knows the stress I went through till the power came back.
A nice excuse not to study. “Ammae do you want me to spoil my eyes reading in this dim light” dialogue always works!
An outlet to vent out for your sadistic urges. Pinching bottoms is so easy and nobody whacks you in return.

As you can see, the power-cut is one of the greatest social enablers of our time. This path-breaking treatment for depression and other such illness is sure to see new heights with the K.S.E.B announcing one hour cuts. Three cheers for K.S.E.B for providing this kind of “dhamaka” entertainment! What an idea K.S.E.B!!

*വെളിച്ചം ദുഖം ആണ് ഉണ്ണി തമസല്ലോ സുഗപ്രധം
** Any resemblance to living people is purely intentional.


silverine said...

lol!! I am all for power cuts btw. It does lead to more quality time as a family! :)

mathew said...

hahaha...thats why its Kerala Social Entertainment Board...

When Lord said.."Let there be light" KSEB just added a clause *ofcoz with powercuts.

Sandeep Raja said...

i'll fwd this to my cousin in trichy. it seems they have power cut in day time, then from 7pm to 8pm and one at 2am to 3am. dont know whether all these points are applicable for powercuts at late nights.

VIDYA said...

LOL! i remember vacations in kerala when the current cut would be *story time* and its no wonder i kno so many puranam stories, and ofcourse one thing i l neevr forget is whe nthe current came back one of us cousins would blow the candle out with a 'mariam vanu vilaku udeee' lol, but now we have power cuts here in chennai and its torture pure torture! though my dad says its good for the current bill.

Prasanth said...

It is important to note the subtle yet important difference between KSEB and other lesser sebs. Like most of its undistinguished colleagues, KSEB began with a 5 hour power cut a couple of years ago. However the revolutionary consciousness of the KSEB ensured that it realized the manifold advantages of cuts which are long enough and not more(ie.1/2 hr) and it modified its stand.So while Tamil Maanilam has hours and hours of cuts, mallu naad is promoting social harmony with mini-cuts.

oops soot-tongue :P

stillwaters said...

:).. Power cut time is family time at our house too.
At my grandparent's place its prayer time! by the time the power comes back on, all the chotu cousins would be fast asleep with prayerful hands.. :D

PS: I feel sorry for whoever gets stuck with you during a power cut. (Refer: last advantage).

Abraham Menacherry said...

Silverline: Yeah, same here. It really means quality time with family. Govt should make it a legislation i think.

Mathew: ha ha ha.. ".."Let there be light" KSEB just added a clause *ofcoz with powercuts" too good!

Sandy: Those guys need to learn the art of multiple half hour cuts I think...:D

Vidya: Power cuts in chennai.. hmm they are not so bad in bangalore where the avg temp is low.

Prasanth: Indeed. The 1/2 hour cut should in my opinion be patented...:D

Stillwaters: Cute!! I remember much the same at my grandparents place too. But they were very shrewd people, dinner was served only after prayers.

Reflections said...

u must have done a lot of research to arrive at these conclusions:-D
But jokes apart.....u got me into the nostalgic mode.
I remember times of scheduled "karrende katte" when every body wd emerge out of their houses onto the balcony & conduct loud conversations.... every other minute u'll hear loud slaps of hands snapping at mosquitoes irritatedly:-D. Those days were good fun.
Here in Dubai....there is a scheduled power cut once every year for maintenance purposes usually for 4 hrs. The muncipality will inform us 2 weeks in advance. And the current comes back b4 the said time is over:-D.
I'm like almost jealous of u;-P

N!$#@N^# said...

power cuts...... yes indeed ... do u remember the gossip sessions, cori sessions... and was it not during one of these cuts georgy streaked... :)))

Abraham Menacherry said...

Reflections: Yeah....:D 4 hours in one year!!!! I would get withdrawal symptoms if I dont get my rightful "karrende katte" in the week...:D

Nishu: Yeah, Current cuts always brought the best in us..:D A black nude georgie would be invisible in the dark rt...:D

Jagjit said...

There are no power cuts in Mumbai :)

Jagjit said...

Oh, wrong smiley choice - :(

confucius said...

I remember those power cuts...they used to be so often that we used to be surprised when there was current. We all shld thank KSEB for all that wonderful family bonding time they gave us...:)

mathew said...

You are tagged!:-D again!!

Anonymous said...
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