Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A mail from Jiju

When I was in college, I always thought that this guy would become a priest one day. Instead he has become the biggest abhasan ever to set foot on earth.

Just before our trip to Thailand, I got this mail from our venerable Jiju.

"Fuuuninnuu vendiullaa theeraathha dahavumayi,
Fun mathramulla puthiyaa meechil purangal theedi
Thailandileekuu parakkunnna,
Nammudee priyaapettta Funnersnuu :-
Entey perrillumm nallavarayya ellaa priyaa fun aswadhaka sahridayarudee perillumm nyajan ashamsakal arpikkunnuuu.."

Ellavarkuumm etttupadamm : Funners anthemm
"Bottoms up Kick Ass Ahllaadippin Ahlaadippin :- "
"Funnumm Pennum Sindabhad"
"Fun power, 24 hour shower"
"Whereever we go Fun follows"
"Bollooo Funners keee"

I was bowled over by this outpouring of "emotion". If this guy keeps at it, he may actually end up a poet!


Nishanth said...

aby can i get a translation in english as well... want to post both of em in office... :-)

Abraham Menacherry said...

Doing a translation is tough! but lemme try.
In everlasting quest for fun,
They fly to a land where the fun never sets,
To the beautiful fun filled land of Thailand,
have our funners gone!
In my name and in the name of all fun lovers,
I wish the "funners" the best of fun!

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