Friday, July 13, 2007

Ctrl + Alt + Delete! The Kate Winslet Affair - Part 1

In the end you can blame it all on our college not having a men’s hostel. But the beginning was definitely due to Nishanth bringing a computer to our hostel run by the Bishop.

The actual person running the show was a very pious brother named Alias*, whom we called Chemmachen (meaning brother in Malayalam). The hostel was rather “religiously” positioned on the third floor of a building that housed the bishop’s residence, library, prayer halls and a church on the side. Altogether, a very holy atmosphere.

Thus, we were all on the path to imminent sainthood when Nishanth brought in his pc. Pavam Nishanth, he had such high hopes when he brought it along, higher marks, better life, what not. Such misplaced optimism! From the moment it came into our lives, there was no looking back. I mean looking back on vulgar life, not sainthood. It was our window to the “funny” world outside, an oasis in the desert, a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, the only silver lining in our hopeless existence!

Our nights that were earlier spent in prayer and meditation were now in hyper drive mode enjoying the paroxysms of rather non spiritual emotions. People who never wanted to come back to hostel from college were seen rushing out after the last hour in class. We set new records in running cross country from college to hostel…. Ah! The "innocence" of those bygone days!

The affect of this morale booster was immediate. Guys, who looked like they were the walking dead, started singing in the halls. Suddenly there was life outside the text book. Creative ideas like SUS (to be detailed later) and writing letters to Indian Express youth edition claiming we were gays living in the seminary were born during this golden era!

All this while Chemmachen, that most pious brother was ascending the ladder of responsibilities of his station. Sometimes, these responsibilities took him away for long periods of time from the hostel. It was during on of those long absences that Bonnie had this bout of constipation. Constipation so fearsome that he could not even fart! In the end, all that fart accumulated, built up a huge pressure and went right to his brain and thus was born one of the shittiest ideas during our first year in college.

*Name changed...:)


Sandeep said...

"Ma" vaarika pole aayalo blog.. suspense il kondu aadya lakkam nirthi... ini adutha aazhcha aano part 2?

Bavitha said...

Athe athu theera sheriyaayilla. You're gonna lose the few readers you have if you keep this up! j/k.

Abraham Menacherry said...

Ha ha, I got the parts written, but problem is I am not satisfied... so I am editing, re-editing and doing more editing...:)
Hence the three part paripadi.

The original incident was so funny that even today when we talk about it, we cry laughing..:) and I am not able to get that "zing" into it.

Nikhil said...

hehe..take your time dude..
you should achieve the perfection :)