Monday, July 16, 2007

Ctrl + Alt + Delete! The Kate Winslet Affair - Part II

Bonnie’s idea was simple (and shitty!!!). Put in an “aesthetic” photograph of a teeth achingly beautiful actress right on the desktop. He said he wanted it for motivation, but somehow, I have this funny feeling that it was for “blood circulation”. None of us were too enthusiastic about the idea, what was the use anyway?

Truth was that, actually there was some percentage. Our hostel due to its pious surroundings had gotten a lot of bad press as being a “Bujji setup” meaning an abode of nerds. “Nerd” is one way you really don’t want to be known in college. It is really bad for your non-existent social life! But while we got the bad press, we also got a lot of visitors to our hostel, ostentatiously for “combined studies”. What better way to show those chums that we too were “cool”, than by putting up a pic like that right on the desktop eh?

Thus purely as an exercise in un-nerdifying our image, I agreed with Bonnie. Most of the others did not bother one way or the other and thus Bonnie put in a picture of Kate Winslet in her birthday suit (ahem…!) right on the desktop. That day, she added ten more fans to her existing millions.

But a dark presence loomed over our lives. An evil eye looked upon our happy souls. Our “innocent” and carefree days were coming to an end….

It was one of those study holidays with an exam just two days down the line. There were only 5 of us in the hostel. Three including Chacko (at the computer), Bonnie (on the bed with a book in his hand) and Nishanth (on the chair) were in the computer room. Nikhil and myself were in an adjacent room, with him explaining the finer details of a digital problem using the female anatomy (Yeah! Just imagine those 1’s and 0’s) to me.

Scene 1 Take 1
Suddenly out of nowhere Chemmachen walks by our room. He nods to us with a wide smile and we nod back with wide smiles. As he passes the room, the creature in my gut contracts telling me something is amiss. But I can’t quite figure out what the problem is. Subconsciously I walk out of the room, my eyes following him as he walks to the computer room. He is walking walking walking and I am watching watching watching, when all of a sudden it strikes me! Nikhil had that somebody-kicked-my-balls look on his face, by which I understood that he understood. We exchange helpless looks and then keep looking at the door through which Chemmachen has just disappeared.

The rest of the story is better explained the way Chacko saw the situation….


Nikhil said...

"Nikhil had that somebody-kicked-my-balls look on his face, by which I understood that he understood"

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Abraham Menacherry said...

Ha ha, yeah...:)