Friday, June 13, 2008

The birth of a man

She was the master piece of the Gods. Everything about her was perfect. Her eyes as blue as the sky, her skin of golden hue, her laughter a twinkle among the stars. But her heart, her heart throbbed with pain! The pain of loneliness, the pain of her tragic fate, a pain so inhuman the the very air hung in moody melancholy about her like a veil. For, she was denied a mate!

Men came from near and far hearing of her divine beauty. They were all drawn to her like moths to a flame. She aroused such uncontrollable passion that they went mad in their longing for her. But there was not one among them, who could even dream to wipe her feet. They were like candles to the Sun!

The years passed and her hope to find a mate dwindled like a trickle of water drawn in by the parched summer mud.
“Why do thee make me suffer like this my lords?” she cried unto heaven, but no answer came forth.

But, she was not of timid lineage. In her veins gushed the blood of ancient warriors. She was not somebody, who you could say no to, or refuse to answer! If the Gods be her adversary, then so be it!

She shook with such fury that even nature trembled before her. Her eyes glowed red and fire entered her heart. She decided to take up severe penance standing on one leg with a smoldering fire all around her. A feat, that even toughened ascetics balked at! Her penance was so strong that the very foundations of heaven trembled. The whole world smoldered in the heat of her prayers, life as we know it was threatened. The very balance of nature was upset.

In utter desperation, the Gods appeared to her and begged her to stop her penance. But she was inconsolable. A perfect creation as she was wasted due to the ineptitude of the Gods. And as each tear fell from her lovely cheeks onto the scorched earth, nature shivered in agony as if fed with fire.

Among men, she cared for only one. And that was her wise and saintly father. The gods approached him in their desperation, seeking a solution to this Gordian knot.
“O! Wise man!” they cried, “A creation so perfect takes millennia to create and the God who made her paid with his soul. For such is the effort he spent. And now she demands one more!!! A mate!!”

The wise father shut himself in a cave and thought for seven days and seven nights, finally on the morning of the eight day he emerged, tired and emaciated, but with a twinkle in his eyes.
“It is clear that you Gods will not be able to create a mate for her anytime soon, it is also clear that her youth will not stay forever, so here is what I will suggest to you…..Take her life!!!”
The Gods were shocked “But, it is not her time to die yet!”
“Oh, but, I did not finish” said the wise man “Make the most perfect man you Gods can think up of and reincarnate my daughter when you’ve completed this stupendous feat”
The Gods looked at each other and nodded their heads in amazement. Yes! the wise man had spoken the truth, this was the only solution.

So they made me.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Point is, my bro is getting married in like 10 days time and see… I am you know “single and ready to mingle” So I thought I would come out with this sales pitch that would have the ladies* swooning in my arm.

*Noticed the plural huh? Hey! No sweat, I didn’t stand on one foot… she did!!


Paddy said...

Well I was wondering where this was going to lead. Nice ending though :)

Anooja said...

Abe.. Like the previous comment, i was wondering where this was heading.. was almost tempted to scroll down and see the end.. but didnt
Nice sales talk :)

Abraham Menacherry said...

Paddy: Yes, I remember you well. Though I thot ur nickname was 'pappan' After IJHS you studied in CUSAT right? Think I've heard about you from some of my batch mates there also!
Antony is getting married this sunday. I cant login to orkut from here..:(

Anooja: Thanks, at least you didnt feel like giving me a wack on the head after reading it..:D I am gratified!

N!$#@N^# said...

if not the girl u ll get her father for sure.. hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh My !!! Aby u r so cute.
Good luck at the wedding!

Abraham Menacherry said...

nishu: @#$*&%*@%!!
anon: Thank you! but then as expected.... nothing happened at the wedding...:(

stillwaters said...

Haha!! Blowing someone else's trumpet and then channeling all the superlatives to urself.. Amazing piece of writing.. :)

tulips said...

amazing, u r so talented!