Thursday, September 6, 2007

F for frustration

Long live Sushma Swaraj!

To those of you wondering what happened to me, to actually support this nemesis of the country’s youth, this guardian of our morality, this destroyer of after dark movies. Well, haven’t you heard “circumstances make/change the man”?

As of today, I have decided to change my whole outlook on life. From worshipping mindless violence, total sex and absolute debauchery, I am shifting to the Bhajan groups. In short, I have decided to become mature and act like a man who doesn’t care much about all this anymore. After all, in the days that I did care about all this, none of it happened. Now that I don’t care anymore maybe all this is going to happen by the truckload (I haven’t quit dreaming yet!).

I wasn’t always like this you know. I was a normal kind of guy having a normal frustrated life in conservative Kerala where every one is pretty much as screwed up as I am. Then I came to Bangalore. Ah! The culture shock I got! Girls and boys holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing, biking and a whole lot more. The scenes were enough to drive any sane and frustrated man insane.

For the first few months I just gawked. Trips to M.G Road, Forum and other official hangouts of the denizens of this swashbuckling metro was enough to satisfy my “urges”. I was content to just watch, after all, country bumpkins like me were never supposed to dream. But as time passed, my heart forgot its humble moorings and started to yearn for what it had just seen. I envied the guy’s who had all those babes hanging about them, but it was a “constructive” envy, I wanted to be like them, I did not want them to come down to my standard. “Lets all be rich” was my ideology during those days.

The dreams got more and more insistent, the heart grew weak, and something had to be done! I don’t know what exactly it was, maybe it was my million dollar face, my Arnold Schwarzenegger like body, my rivers of charm or my heavenly disposition. But something was definitely keeping away the fairer sex.

I had heard that too much of the good stuff can keep the opposite sex away. They think you will be too hot to handle. After much thought into the matter, I found out what was wrong. “Just look at all those utter nerds hanging around with the babes, you need to be a nerd, dude” I told myself. That is how one fine day, I actively started becoming a nerd. No smiling at girls, no humorous comments, I hated spectacles or I would have tried that too, just to complete that nerd look. All in all, I became a nerd, but the women just stayed away. God must have given them some 6th sense to smell out fake nerds. Whatever the reason, they just refused to bite (the bait, I mean!).

With the “attack of the nerds” petering out, it was time to change my strategy and do some constructive counter-attacks. Off went the nerd looks and in came the metro sexual. Torn jeans, expensive deodorants, shaven face and cropped hair were in vogue. Problem was that not only did they burn a hole in my pocket, they simply did not work. One word with me and all those country bumpkins hiding inside would just pop out like Champagne corks. Being somebody that I wasn’t was definitely not working. Time to be myself!

Just-out-of-bed-looks, unshaven face, smell of a pig sty, totally-pissed-off-with-this-world-attitude and you have me being (no prizes for guessing) me. Again to nobody’s surprise nothing happened. Time to get married I decided, so I called up my mother

I: Ammae, I am bored, I want to get married
Amma: How can you be so selfish, don’t you know that we are looking high and low for your brother right now? And anyway you aren’t mature enough to marry.
I: What’s the big deal if I marry ahead of him eh?
Amma: oho, like that huh? Ok, ok if you are so desperate tell me the girl you want to marry and I will fix the rest, you have selected someone haven’t you?
I: On second thoughts, I will marry after Antony. I see the wisdom in your words.
Amma: eh? Are you mad? You talk one thing at one time and the exact opposite the second! So why don’t you want to get married?
I: oh God! Ammae just forget that I even called, this is all a bad nightmare ok. Just forget it!
Amma: Don’t put down the phone! tell me about the girl. Oh God! I am sure she is from some other religion, Oh God! What do I do now?
I (Thinking): How I wish!
I: For God’s sake Ammae, there is nobody ok! Now just put down the phone!

On the way back, I see the girl sitting behind the boy’s bike, hugging him so hard that I am sure he can’t even breathe. “What a bunch of exhibitionists! There should be a law against such people” is what I think. No more constructive envy from now on, if I don’t get it, then nobody gets it!!!! As I said earlier “circumstances make the man”

“Sushma Swaraj Ki Jai!” Come join me! Let us safeguard our 5000 year old culture from this mindless westernization of our irresponsible youth!


Art said...

:) haha.. I am so sorry but I couldnt stop laughing reading the whole post..
I am from Blore.. but past 2 years havent been there.. so all this seems new to me :) Though I have learnt from friends that all this is changed and things are lot westernized..

bonnie said...

munthiri munthiri..

Abraham Menacherry said...

art: Yeah things are changing real fast here.
bonnie: My only comfort is that all you guys too are as screwed as i am...:)

TESSIE said...

heheh :)
loved the "conversation with amma" part...
once i actually called up ma mom told her to start "looking" and the next day i was like " wht the hell did i do? wat abt ma plans to go back to regular college to do ma MBA? :O" i called her up to ROLLBACK (am a devoloper in oracle ) on the prev. call... she laughed and said she expected this... :)

so.. waiting for big bro to get married huh?:D

N!$#@N^# said...

da.... as bonnie said it is perfect case of "Sour grapes"lol...

pinne aby every dog has his day... so dont loose faith, if nothing works out, am always there, the good smartian I am, to help you..

Sarah said...

If i had a choice, i wud hv rolled on the floor n laughed! :))

I've bn in Blore for a lil more than a year now...bikers with girls huggin them so tight that they can hardly breathe...and sooo many of them- i've seen that only in this city! :))

Not too long ago, i made a call home, remindin my parents of their responsibility that comes with havin a daughter of marriageable age! ;) Well, at that point, i seriously thought i was ready to take the plunge...a while later i realised i wasn't...and the damage control tactics of mine did not work! Now the scene is my parents callin me up to remind me of the dialogues i marofied then! I truly sympathise with u, Tessie:)

Abraham Menacherry said...

tess: Amma conv was masala to get the dramatic effect..:)
Nishu: The day you help me to get a gf is the day I buy the rope!!!
Sarah: We all have our bad days when we do such phone calls... only to realize the predicament... welcome to the club!

mathew said...

too good..had a nice laugh reading it...i had those first shocks when I was in Blore too..Pinee after going abroad those looked like so 'conservative'!!;-p

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

LOL post!

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Good one..

-Mattoru Conservative Mallu ;)