Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The day I nearly got married

The morning was dark. Ominous shuffling voices could be heard, but that was Rameez getting up from his bed. I opened my sleep weary eyes and looked up to the ceiling. So, today is the D-day! I didn’t feel much tension but very funnily I couldn’t remember her face anymore.

But something was definitely wrong! A gut feeling told me it could be the time. A quick glance at my mobile (after buying a mobile I have quit wearing hand watches!) confirmed my worst fears. I was late!

The song “I just did it again” wafted into my mind. I had truly done “it” again. I was late on this most important day of my life. Will she (still can’t remember her face) forgive me for this unforgivable error? Hmm… it is completely my fault. How stupid could I get? I cursed myself. I should have set an alarm at least on this day. Actually, on the night before I had taken the mobile to set it, but then a conversation with Shyam distracted me and I forgot.

But what excuse would I tell her? With my superhuman intelligence powers I guessed that excuses like, I forgot to set the alarm and hence got up late today would not sit well with my better half. They are not called “better” for nothing I guess. Have to think of something better.

How about saying that some aliens abducted me? But that sounded sixty-ish. Nah! She wouldn’t fall for that one. Maybe I can say that during the bachelor’s party I drank too much, but that would be doubly damning. I cursed my lethargic grey cells, ungrateful barbarians! You nurture them for a quarter century with the best of sights/smells/sounds/ideas and when you need a wee little excuse, they act funny. I ask you, is this fair?

Temptation reared its ugly head again in the form of sleep. The cold morning, the gentle breeze and the calm surroundings made sleep weigh like a ton on my fragile eyelids. Now the grey cells started working and gave me my excuse “anyway I am late, what difference will a few more minutes make?”

“They give such nice excuses for such wrong reasons” was my last thought before slipping back to sleep. But now logic knocked at the doors.

Logic: get up boy! It is already late for the church ceremony, but if you get up now, chances are that you can at least eat your wedding cake.
I (very groggy): Shut up! Just give me five minutes more. I am sure the cake is not going to run away. How can I go to my own wedding looking sleepy eh?
Logic: You idiot, if you don’t go now the girl will find somebody else to marry.
I: Don’t fool me! Who else will marry her? My family will stop any such funny business!
Logic: Speaking about families, where is yours now? How come they did not wake you up?
I: Please let me sleep, we will think of all that later.
Logic: No! Answer my question now!
I (supremely uncaring and totally irritated): I don’t know, running around doing the arrangements I guess.
Logic: I have come to the logical conclusion that the most important part of today’s celebrations is you and there is no way that they could have missed out waking you up.
I: Hmmm… food for thought… very fishy if you ask me!
Logic: Very fishy alright!
Logic: Why are you lying on the floor?
I: what has that got to do anything with my marriage?
Logic: Because you have a bed at your house and right now you have a hangover and you are sleepy and lying on the floor! And that doesn’t make sense AND I HATE STUFF THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.
I: Alright alright calm down will ya! I am on the floor since I am at Bangalore.
Logic and I together: Shit! That means that all this is a dream.
I: Cool! That means I can sleep more…. Yeah!
Logic: No idiot! That means that today is a normal office day and you are frigging late!

I finally woke up wondering why all early morning dreams finally end in minor tragedies. Well, on the good side at least the major tragedy (marriage) was averted!

P.S: Today when I woke up, I was one very happy man!


മഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി said...

God knows for how long the so-called tragedy wod be averted... :)
u seem to so much enthu abt the marriage thingy...
atho BENCH thalakku pidicho?
pavam abhi :)
(kidding )

stillwaters said...

I came upon your blog while randomly perusing.. I like the way you write.. very mellow..
I haven't read all of ur posts but i will when time permits..
Seems like tying the knot seems to be on your mind a lot these days.. I liked F for frustration too.. :D

Abraham Menacherry said...

tess: atlast I am rescued from bench!! i got a project.

Stillwaters: Thank you! "very mellow" eh? ha ha.. hmm. Read your small diary too, u should definitely post more often

stillwaters said...

Hi Abraham..
I'm back.. Read coupla ur other posts and have to say I was totally mistaken..
Ur not mellow at all!!!!!!!(only ur recent posts were)
I like ur sens o' humour..
Keep posting..

anon said...

ur tiffs with ur conscience, wow it surprises me that after all that Q and A, u manage to go for work by 10/10.30am ...quite early by ur standards.;)
(assuming u blog from office of course)
but then again thats what the "golden amber " does , expect the unexpected!


N!$#@N^# said...

this was the only way you could get married .. and you screwed up that also by getting up... at least you could have slept till .... u know what... :-))) lol.....

Abraham Menacherry said...

Stillwaters: ah! atlast realism dawns...:)

Anon: For one, kindly tell me who is circulating all these malicious rumours about me going to office by 10:30?? I've not been there before 11:30 for years!! This might sound uneducated but what is "Golden Amber"???

Nishu: If you are intent on writing the truth, you are most un welcome at my site!!!! Yeah, sleeping a wee bit more might have been a very interesting do.