Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pets and Bachelors - The Rabbit Tale

When I went to my friend's home in Bangalore I was surprised to see three cute white rabbits playing around in the house. They had bought them last week from Shivaji Nagar for Rs.350. Some people are crazy about their pets and I was not so surprised to see the three being treated royally to carrots, cabbage leaves and what not. What I was not prepared to see however, was Anand holding one end of the cabbage leaf with his teeth while the other end was being bitten off by the rabbit. Looked like a "mother-feeding-kid" scene right out of animal planet.

Anand has even made a "home" for the rabbits out of the TV cover. During the day with nobody around, they stay inside their home. But as soon as somebody comes back from work they are let outside to roam around (and shit around...:)) the house.

With Six office going bachelors to look after their every need and many more like me dropping in to "coochy coo" them, they must be leading a dream life. Problem with raising rabbits is that nobody has written something akin to "100 ways on how to raise your child" on rabbits... poor fellas.

Opinions are varied on the raising techniques and destiny. Nobody kinda knows how much we need to feed them. If we overfeed will they die is the main q . Finally after a long drawn debate it has been agreed to overfeed them. At least that way they can die on a full stomach..:)
However in the matter of destiny, the two factions have reached no amicable solution. I am looking forward to fatten them up and then eat them. While Shyam and Anand have promised me that if I as much as raise my little finger on them, they will eat me first!!!

The next problem was with naming them, this was however solved very easily. Three guys in the house are now doing their onsite stints and the rabbits have been named after them. Hope the female doesn’t mind the name "Jaimon". Problem is, even Jaimon hates the name Jaimon...:).

Badai and gossiping being our main occupational hazards I was explaining the train incident with much ado and masala to Samjith(yeah I know we mallus have some funny names) when I felt something wet on my feet. To say I jumped would be an understatement. It was Jaimon on one of her "Columbus" trips to the bedroom. When I put my foot back down, she started to lick it clean. Guess it is the salt from the sweat she is looking for, or could be that I am just too hot for a female to resist..:)

This incident has been an eye opener to me. I always used to think having a pet is impossible in our bachelor environment with little space and no one at home full time. Truth is, if you really want something so bad then you can get it no matter what your limitations. Hats off to you Anand Abraham!! Thou hast shown the courage to take responsibility for three more lives! And in the process you have fulfilled your long time wish too. I say, some people have all the luck.

P.S: I would still like to eat them once they are fat you know.

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