Friday, April 27, 2007

Infatuations of a normal mind

Over the years I had thought that I had grown out of infatuations. A video proved me wrong.

It was about ten years back as a straggling youth of 15 that I first fell in love. My "love" is married to some other guy and at last count she had 2 kids. The less said about that love, the better.

The two years in my plus-two saw me getting infatuated to almost anything that wore a skirt. My infatuations changed weekly. I was always pining for my beloved who kept changing her face... and her skirt.

But once I reached engineering college I became mature. At least I thought so, when I was in there. The weekly infatuations had trickled down to monthly and quarterly happenings and by the final semester I did not have any left.

I was wrong there. It was just that the infatuation cycle was growing longer. Next came work and boy oh boy there were those good looking Northie girls with Ulti figures (the Haryanvi’s and Punjabis) and seductive eyes (the Bengalis). Not to mention the suave and chic ones from our capital city. Life as they say was "beautiful"...literally.

But my maturity levels had increased far more, and this aesthetic change in environment could not offset the increasing delays of my infatuation cycle. The first sign of this decadence was when I found myself asking the name of a girl to ascertain her caste/religion etc... Before I decided to “fall or not to fall” into infatuation. At last, I was getting realistic, mature and perfectly Indian! This went on till one day I truly believed that I had gone into menopause (yes there was a paucity of words to signify end of my peculiar "cycle").

Then one of my Bengali friends gave me this video. I am not much of a music buff, and I don’t understand good music even if it hits me in the ear. But boy, I loved this one at once. The song, the way the girl moves, her face, her actions, her curly black hair, her eyes... EVERYTHING!!!!! . I would have called it the “Return of the Infatuation” if I was Bruce Lee.

Yesterday in my dream she pointed at me and sang... "you are my staaar mahiyaaaa..".. "tu hi he mera pyaar mahiyaaaa...".
Here’s the song Infatuating video

My beautiful singer,
Subject: Love letter.

I LOVE YOU!!!…..

An adorer suffering the pangs of “everlasting” love!

And thank you for showing me that I have not lost out on infatuation. That it has just reached the “Olympic cycle”.

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