Sunday, May 25, 2008

To B or not to B

Once in a while, you sit back and look at life. Then you start thinking, hey, I’ve seen it all, nothing can surprise me anymore. And then you get hit over your head by a bloomer.

Yep, I am guilty! I was sitting in that chair for some time when yesterday I got what was coming.

It was ten years since I saw my child hood friend A. It was a chance meeting at the bus stop. A looked very different but I was able to recognize him in a moment. Meeting old friends is always a great experience; we laughed, joked and swapped some old stories. When suddenly he asked… “Hey! Did you hear what happened to B” I am somewhat of a fatalist, and god forbid, but the next question that escaped my mouth was “is he dead?!!”. I am not trying to justify myself here, but the way A asked the question, I really thought B was done for.

“No Da!” A replied, “But then, it is as almost as good as if he is….”
“Why? What’s wrong?”
“He is Gay man!”

God forbid again, but the next thought that crossed my mind was “Oh, no!”
I: I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was C, D or E.
A: E is gay dumbo!
I (sputtering): eh.. ah… oh.. ooooooh.
A: Yep, Oooooh. You said something about not being surprised.
I: No, not surprised… just… ah “Swept Away”
I: So, B is gay…. Hmm..
A: That’s not the bad part…. He is Gay and he is telling the whole world he is! I mean, just think of his parents.

I was left thinking for a moment, well that takes some courage!
I: Hmm… if he is, he is. Nothing to do about it. It’s better to accept it I guess.
A: I dunno… makes me feel squeamish
We had a bit more of chit chat before parting.

I was left thinking about B by the end of it. B was not a close friend. We were in the same class till high school. B was not somebody that I would think about often. Maybe once in like every six months, I would wonder where he is, whether he is doing well etc. Turns out, that he is doing pretty well and is very successful in life.

I remember once, his mother came to school for some reason, I don’t remember her face, but I was left wondering, how she was taking this. But, somehow I feel a lot of respect to B. To be different and to accept it, takes a lot of courage. Especially in our ‘close-the-door-wipe-it-under-the-carpet’ society. Hats off to you dude!


Pointblank said...

Yup, it sure takes a lotta courage to be different n declare it openly. But then, I also think these days its fashionable to say ur a homo!!! Just like its fashionable to say ur stressed! What do u say?!?!

But yeah, for the time being, B is Bold!

N!$#@N^# said...

guess it all ends when you stop judging....

Abraham Menacherry said...

pointblank: hmm... an interesting line of thought. As they say "God knows"

nishu: Yep! a 100 percent!

Cockroach said...

Thanks a lot Abraham for you comment and that took me to ur page. It the travelogues that I loved the most. U guys r living ur life fully. Three Cheers for that.

I'm also interested in stuff like that, though I've not travelled much. I can say I'm waiting to own a camera to explore places. I have some kind of guilt feeling if I miss capturing the moments of a journey.

Anyways, when u guys r planning something next, please keep me posted. I too try my best to join.

Keep writing (especially the travelogues)